04.09.2018 > 15.09.2018 | El CASo - Centro de Arte Sonoro, Buenos Aires

CASo – Sound Art Center invites you to the opening of SEREMOS SERIAS DE LA MANERA MAS ALEGRE,
a solo show by Anna Raimondo

“Following to the invitation of Florencia Curci, we took as the start of our reflection the fact that we are both women concerned by the contemporary feminist struggles in Argentina regarding the right to abortion. Thus we came up with “Seremos Serias de la Manera Más Alegre”.
The title is a quotation from the Spanish philosopher Maria Zambrano I turned feminine to synthesize my perspective of life as woman and as an artist being politically engaged – without being activist in my case – in a playful, ironic way, to make my work accessible.
The main idea of this show is to put in dialogue few of my previous works reflecting my personal feminism, inquiring the implications of my voice in public and more generally women’s occupation of urban spaces, while offering ways to engage with humour and irony.
This proposal aims to open new scenarios where identity does not feel like a cage, but the starting point of possible games.
I will present here a site-specific representation evoking a symbolic and personal interpretation of the Virgin. Have you ever thought that She had a child without penetration? Where does that take your mind?”

– Anna Raimondo

This activity is supported by Wallonie-Bruxelles International y Kunst Radio