ANNA RAIMONDO | Sound and Partecipation: workshops

19.2.2018 > 3.3.2018 | Bruxelles

Sound & Participation: workshops

19/02/2018 – 03/03/2018

Bill Dietz, Anna Raimondo, Tim Parkinson, David Helbich, Manuela Naveau, Carolyn Chen, Edyta Jarząb

Anna Raimondo – New Boundaries of the Wellness of the Vaginal Ecosystem

(venue Q-O2, Brussels – 8 participants)

The workshop consists of collective walks and deep listening in the city of Brussels. Each walk begins from a place that is significant to one participant and developed into a joint dérive by collectively following the hearing of whoever had proposed the walk‚as beginning point. During these walks, each participant is invited to take personal notes (recordings, visual notes, or writing) about her presence in each specific context in that moment. Special attention will be payed to the experience of listening in these places. Eventually, shared material from the workshop can be brought together into a radio show or collective audio(visual) work.