12 Nov. 2016 - 12 Jan. 2017 | Geneva

« Ça va aller »
Guendalina Salini & Leonid Tsvetkov
CuratorChiara Bertini

E subito riprende
Il viaggio
Dopo il naufragio
Un superstite
Lupo di mare[1]

 Ça va aller… Todo irá bien ! все будет хорошо, Minden oké lesz… Hersey iyi olacak! Κάτι θα γίνει, everything is going to be ok… Es wird schon gehen, Wszystko będzie w porządku إن شاء الله, andrà tutto bene… Bagaimana kabarmu ?, alles komt goed!…

…a typical assertion when no one knows, what will happen. How things will go, if at all, but we say that basically it is going to be OK… something finally will happen … right or maybe wrong, but it will be fine. Hope.
Everything is going to be ok, says the nomad when he decides to leave his place of origin … a better life awaits me elsewhere. Everything is going to be fine, says the student at the end of the university… one day or another I will find a job. Everything is going to be ok, the old worker says, thinking about his retirement… everyone will not have the full benefit, we will all be in the same situation. Everything is going to be fine, say the banks with their negative rates interest … we will re-inflate, the economy finally will recover. Everything is going to be ok, says the man who feels to be a women and the woman who has always lived intimately as a man … tomorrow I will dress and speak differently, at first it will be difficult but later everything is going to be ok. Everything is going to be ok, say the governments facing the massive migration in the recent years … we will build fences and walls, we will strengthen foreign controls and employment rates in our country…

[1] Giuseppe Ungaretti, Allegria di naufragi, The Joy of Shipwrecks, Versa, 14 February 1917 (born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1888, Ungaretti grow up with his mother, a nanny from Sudan and listening to the fabulous stories of the Croatian hired help.)

Analix Forever, 2 rue de Hesse – 1204, Geneva

Text by Chiara Bertini