DAVIDE D’ELIA | AndarXporte

18 October > 1 December | Palazzo Archinto, Milan

The exhibition is a collaboration between the ASP “Golgi – Redaelli” and ArtCityLab cultural association and is part of the initiative Milano Attraverso ( “People and places that turn the city”, a project created by ASP Golgi- Redaelli, supported by Fondazione Cariplo and Fondazione AEM, and shared by important Milanese cultural institutions and associations.)
With AndarXporte ArtCityLab has studied an alternative path between the courtyard and the first-floor rooms of Palazzo Archinto, a 17th-century historic palace in Milan. Among the old offices, corridors and main and secondary rooms, the artists have occupied various places discreetly, leaving intact the existing atmosphere, however, creating new visual and mental associations through combinations of spaces and of the more than 200 paintings that form the heritage of Palazzo Archinto.
Going by the doors, the visitor revisits places that were not deputy to the dwelling but to the public office, and is free to reinvent more introspective that door-to-door becomes a true journey through the centuries, past and present.
Contemporary artists, in fact, will merge with the hundreds of historical portraits of the Milanese benefactors, sometimes with their own stories. The themes dealt with in the present are, however, influenced by what is our age, many works are the work world, and intimate stories and mood find work that looks at social dynamics such as inclusion and participation, civil coexistence, but there are also relational works that remind the public service and therefore the work of great utility and civic sense with which the “Golgi-Redaelli” has long been known.