Davide D’Elia | Anfibia | Performance10’/100’

October 2016 | Rome

Performance10’/100’ part of Crossover di Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil

Anfibia is a performance of 10 minutes exactly, 1/10 other 10 performances. As the subject of performance I imagined to show on stage a synchronized swimming team intent on repeating the preparatory exercises learning of the aquatic choreography. Training out of the water. Synchronized swimming, in his practice and in his plasticity, depicts the themes with which I was confronted in my latest works: undeclared, perceptual duality between warm / cold and the floating bodies. My installations are strongly linked to the imaginary aquatic, imaginary which is evoked thanks to a reconfiguration of the space or with the use of real floating bodies as may be the buoys. The surface of the water bodies floating point to a line, a boundary between above and below that, once the spatial configuration, becomes the limit between two existential conditions, the true focus of my poetry. Anfibia gives me the opportunity to dramatize the submerged part of sports performance, a special “behind the scenes” which is part of the whole. Isolate the invisible part of this aquatic dance, workout, is a bit like “show the dark side”, submerged, the choreography; it is expected that the viewer feels as in the belly of a submarine that sails around an iceberg, only vaguely reminiscent of the glitter of ice on the surface. In this way the performance stands as a contemporary art parallel, perceived as frivolous and without a constant and meticulous work.
Crossover is a project by the artist Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil involving 10 non-Italian performance artists. To these 10 artists he has been asked to answer the question with a performance: if a work of art can be performed?

Maxxi, Museo delle Arti del XXI secolo / Cinema Tiziano
October 2016