Elena Mazzi | Meeting at Ermanno Casoli Prize

28.06.2018 | Sala AUDITORIUM di ELICA via Ermanno Casoli, 2 – FABRIANO



FROM 17.00 TO 18.30

ELICA auditorium auditorium

via Ermanno Casoli, 2 – FABRIANO



Francesco Casoli | President Elica Group


Marcello Smarrelli | FEC artistic director



Elena Mazzi | Award winning artist


Diego Agostini | Trainer specialized in business training

of the consulting firm Commitment






The seventeenth edition of the Ermanno Casoli Prize, curated by Marcello Smarrelli, sees the winner Elena Mazzi with the project “Mass age, message, mess age (Elica 2018)”, part of a work in progress started by the artist in 2015 , to highlight the dynamics underlying the communication strategies. The project includes a workshop within the E-STRAORDINARIO, which will be held with Elica employees in Fabriano, on 28 and 29 June 2018, at the company headquarters.


The artist’s goal is to analyze the ways in which communication between individuals in the same community, inevitably understanding language, changes when interrupted by possible distortions and / or problems.


Consistent with the objectives of his research Elena Mazzi, assisted by the trainer specialized in corporate training Diego Agostini, of the consulting firm Commitment, Friday 29 June will invite 20 Elica employees to directly experience the conditions of interruption and distraction in which a message may incur when it has to go from the sender to the recipient.


The work that will follow, will be inaugurated in the autumn in the company headquarters of Fabriano, moment that will conclude the artist’s path relative to Mass age, message, mess age (Elica 2018) and that has as a starting point the talk on Thursday 28 June, open to the public, in which Elena Mazzi will tell, in an open dialogue with the participants, her artistic journey.


More info: segreteria@fondazionecasoli.org

T: 0732 6104257