ELENA MAZZI | Frammentazioni

1.12.2017 ore 18 | LUISS Business School - Villa Blanc - Via Nomentana, 216, Roma

The Curatorial Collective composed of the students of the seventh edition of the LUISS Master of Art – I Level University Master, under the guidance of Achille Bonito Oliva (Scientific Manager of the Master), presents the exhibition FRAMMENTAZIONI. The exhibition, organized and supported by the LUISS Creative Business Center, takes place from 1 to 20 December, in the evocative setting of Villa Blanc.

The project aims to provide a broad overview on the issue of fragmentation as a phenomenon of artistic, cultural and social current and at the same time to return the idea of ​​fragment as part of contemporary reality, inviting to an aesthetic, theoretical and philosophical reflection .

The selected works and artists, through a personal poetic path, have given an image to the idea of ​​fragmentation, through a transversal research composed of multiple languages ​​in a comparison between different generations. There will be original productions, including the tribute of the conceptual artist Giulio Paolini Senza titolo – Study for the exhibition “LUISS Master of Art”, created specifically for “Frammentazioni” and the work Porzione di Villa Blanc 2017 by Baldo Diodato, realized in the garden of the villa during the vernissage in a performance together with the musician Antonio Caggiano.

Also on show are works by Alessio Barchitta, Elena Mazzi and Leonardo Petrucci finalists of the second edition of the International Contemporary Generation Prize, established by LUISS Creative Business Center to promote contemporary art, support the under 35 artists and give life to the permanent collection of LUISS Guido Carli University.

To access the inauguration of the exhibition “Frammentazioni” on December 1 at 18 send an email to accrediti.mostraluiss@gmail.com. The accreditation lists will be present at the entrance to Villa Blanc.