ELENA MAZZI | Imprevedibile

closing 4.2.2018 | Bologna

The exibition Imprevedibile, essere pronti per il futuro senza sapere come sarà, is about tu end; an exhibition of art and science conceived and produced by the Golinelli Foundation. A project by Giovanni Carrada, edited by Giovanni Carrada for the scientific part and Cristiana Perrella for the artistic part.

The exhibition develops in a stringent dialogue between scientific exhibits, mainly videos, and works by international contemporary artists. Selected works for the ability to activate unexpected connections and clarify, through their visual evidence, complex concepts, or that to arouse emotions able to transmit, with respect to science, a different type of knowledge and understanding. Works by Pablo Bronstein, Martin Creed, Flavio Favelli, Martino Gamper, Tue Greenfort, Ryoji Ikeda, Christian Jankowski, Little Sun, Elena Mazzi and Sara Tirelli, Tabor Robak, Tomas Saraceno, Yinka Shonibare MBE, Superflex, Nasan Tur, Joep Van Lieshout, Ai Weiwei.

IMPREVEDIBILE is articulated through 6 sections: The future arrives anyway; The future creates more than it destroys; The future can not be predicted; The prejudice against new things; To reckon with nature; Whoever does not innovate risks losing his own past.

Predicting the future is one of the deepest human aspirations, but the future can not be deciphered. The wrong or missed predictions are in fact the rule, not the exception. This is why the modern world, which is based on the continuous change of every aspect of our life, and therefore on uncertainty, worries us so much. But the fact that the future can not be predicted is good news, not bad news. Because if it will always be a surprise, no one will ever be able to dominate it. And there can always be political changes, social mobility and progress. Just keep your eyes open, and do not be scared of new things. Proposing a path of reflection on a very current topic in a moment of great uncertainty like the one we are experiencing, the exhibition alternates works by international artists to scientific exhibits, activating unexpected connections and integrating different approaches for a deeper and more stimulating understanding of the topics covered .

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