ELENA MAZZI | La Conquista dello Spazio

28 Sept - 5 Nov | Palazzo Ducale Urbino

The Galleria Nazionale delle Marche presents SPAZIO K, space dedicated to young artists.

The first edition, titled “La Conquista dello Spazio” curated by  Riccardo Bandini host these artists:  Davide Mancini Zanchi, Alessandrini & Pignotti, Davide Monaldi, Marco Strappato, Elena Mazzi, Paola Angelini.

The project is aimed at young artists from the Marche region or strongly linked to our territory, outside the training circuit and having been awarded national or international prizes for their work.Each event will see a site-specific project in which the artist will produce his own research freely with a theme that is in this edition the TRAVEL.

The fifth event of La Conquista dello Spazio is the installation of Elena Mazzi entitled En route to the South – moving architects. It is a project in collaboration with Rosario Sorbello, which relates the practice of nomadic apiculture with the phenomenon of human migration. Travel, moving bees from one place to another, is a stage where they trauma and their survival is jeopardized. The bees are transported during the night, when the bees are resettled.

Starting from these suggestions, the installation has as its main display the arnia, deconstructed in the various elements that make it and, in addition to its aesthetic autonomy, will act as a container for a frame engraved with the map of a European city, Hamburg, London , Madrid, Marseille, Milan, Vienna. Cities have been chosen for the different inclinations to accommodate migratory flows. Historically hostile cities and cities that take into account the economic / cultural benefits that immigration can bring. Space intervention K is a work open, conditioned by specific contexts.