ELENA MAZZI | Mestizo Art Festival 2017

29.11.2017 | Victoria Deluxe, Gent, Belgium

Performing the self – the interview

Mestizo Art Festival 2017


How much confidence do you need to have someone fit your baby for an hour? Naming someone in your office like a cop? How can one find out if someone is sufficiently credible (and enough) to get the keys to your home? To drive with your car? Being your psychologist? Is a woman credible if she lies about her age? A hidden teenager that was adopted? A man next to his salary against his wife? Can we trust our trust?

A man and a woman are sitting opposite each other. A security officer and an asylum seeker await the interpreter. A conversation will start. They flirt, philosophize and reveal their mutual expectations.

Performing the self – the interview” is an intimate dialogue on credibility, trust, mutual expectations and the portrait of one’s own truth.

The performances are in English and Arabic with Dutch subtitles.

Text, dramaturgy and design: Enrica Camporesi and Elena Mazzi
Players: Maya Sannen and Fady Alghorra
Bus: Mokhalled Rasem, Koen Di Kaam, Kristin Rogghe
Movie: Daniele Alef Grillo
With the support of: DetheaTermaker, Writing Laboratory South Pole Theater, MAF – WIPCOOP, Victoria Deluxe Talent Fund, Antwerp City, Thalie Art Foundation Musmeci and Troubleyn
ISM: Rataplan
Thanks to: Carl Cappelle, Tyson Beilan, Katie Lenanton

29.11.2017, at 20.00
Victoria Deluxe, 9000 Gent, Belgium
7 €