10.3.2018 | ThalieLab, Bruxelles

SEMINAR • 10/03/2018 — 11:00 > 19:00

Questioning collaborative practices

This seminar will conclude our first quarter of programming on themes designed to reflect the research of the artists hosted in the residency.

1st panel discussion: how can the notion of collaborative practice coexist with issues specific to the field of art (formal, ethical, local), for artists as well as cultural institutions?

With (to be confirmed): Tania Bruguera (artist – Havana), Béatrice Josse (Director of CNAC Le Magasin des horizons – Grenoble), Sarah van Binsbergen (anthropologist)

2nd panel discussion: In parallel with this artistic issues, we have been witnessing a renewal of the forms of democratic action in recent times, on subjects such as the environment, in which the participative element has become a central tool. Does this individual investment allow project promoters and NGO’s to get a more active listening on the subjects they defend ? For the second roundtable, ThalieLab will invite professionnals from different fields to analyse the problematics of this democratic renewal.

With (to be confirmed): Jérémy Lachal (Bibliothèque sans Frontières), Jeanne Granger (founder of ‘La Réserve des Arts), Pablo Cavero (Doc! Board member – Paris)

3rd panel discussion: visual artists and performers discuss their collaborative experiences, as a way to better define this notion through a history of communalism.

With (to be confirmed): Ariane Mnouchkine (Stage director – France), Elena Mazzi (artist), Alexandra Baudelot (co-director of Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers – Paris).