Flavio de Marco | AUTOBIOGRAPHY

17 Dec. 2016 – 5 Feb. 2017 | Lecce

curated by Lorenzo Madaro and Brizia Minerva

Carlo V Castle, XXV Luglio Avenue, Lecce

The exhibition, sponsored by the City of Lecce, is the first solo exhibition in Puglia by the artist Flavio de Marco, born in Lecce in 1975 and for years stationed in Berlin.
The five rooms on the second floor of the Carlo V castle will offer a designed path thanks to the proposition of works – realized by the artist from 1993 to 2015 and partly already exhibited in some of his most important exhibitions, including the one at the National Modern Art Gallery in Rome in 2014 – which represent an annotated anthology path in his painting. But with a fundamental novelty which the artist has made for the occasion: each work will be reworked for this exhibition.
The exhibition is therefore a tribute that the city has wanted to pay him.
After all, the relationship with this place surrounded by the sea was one of the aspects of his artistic practice: the sophisticated research of De Marco, in fact, has also been inspired by the painting of the landscape of this area, then structured and conceived with a design approach which is both poetic and analytic.
The revised works for the occasion therefore propose to retrace some significant moments of his career and the cycles that have marked it.
The study on the computer screen, as the horizon of experience of the landscape, develops an analysis on the borders that exist between reality and representation, and between physical space and projective space: these are some of the main points of De Marco’s work, which expresses itself through painting and drawing, full of references drawn from literature and the history of art.
Together with the exhibition, there will be a catalogue with essays written by the curators of the exhibition, various, up to date biographical, bibliographic and display sections, and the images of the paintings and drawings on display at the Carlo V castle.