FLAVIO DE MARCO | Il pittore e la Modella

3 Oct > 24 Nov | Assab One, Milan

THE PAINTER AND THE MODEL. The noise of the gaze or the body that looks.

35 artists investigate one of the most explored areas of artistic endeavor. Each of them interprets it with his own language, participating in a laboratory-exhibition experience in a free space of discussion and discussion.
The exhibition is divided into three floors in the vast spaces of Assab One with paintings, drawings, photographs, video, installations, acoustic works and performances and provides a calendar of exhibit-related meetings that will be reported during and after the inauguration.

The painter and model develops the experience of a group of Italian artists (Ermanno Cristini, Luca Scarabelli, Cesare Biratoni, Armida Gandini, Federica Pamio) who last year participated in a residence in Aveiro, Portugal, on the initiative of a group of Portuguese artists working mainly with painting. It was a conversation between Ermanno Cristini and Simona Squadrito, a young Milan-based critic who also experienced a model, that Portuguese experience focused on a seemingly inanimate practice.

The preliminary meetings with Assab One with Luca Pancrazzi, Marta Dell’Angelo and Elena Quarestani, the rare availability of large and articulated spaces, the freedom allowed by the particular context have opened the possibility of expanding the field of reflection to a wide variety of artistic practices and to extend the invitation to the many artists participating in the exhibition, making a choral work that will remain open for subsequent works.

* The exhibition will host some historical work on the subject of the portrait during the days and for a few hours. The dates will be reported on the social channels of Assab One (Facebook and Instagram).

With: Pedro Andrade, Simona Barbera, Cesare Biratoni, Vincenzo Cabiati, Gianluca Codeghini, Ermanno Cristini, Leonel Cunha, Mario Dellavedova, Marta Dell’Angelo, Flavio de Marco, Alessio de Girolamo (Collaboration by Elisa Mossa), Gabriele Di Matteo, Ivana Joan Fonte, Pino Guidolotti, Armida Gandini, Giovanni Hänninen, Sebastiano Impellizzeri, Francesco Lauretta, Jorge Leal, Corrado Levi, Andrea Mastrovito, Concetta Modica, Angelo Mosca, Giancarlo Norese, Federica Pamio, Luca Pancrazzi, Pedro Pascoinho, Stefano Peroli, Steve Piccolo, Federico Pietrella, Luca Scarabelli and Carlos Seabra.

Lyrics by: Ermanno Cristini, Rosella Moratto, Simona Squadrito.