CRISTIAN CHIRONI PRESENTA ECO al Centre National de la Danse

24 - 25 Sep. 2016 | CN D roof | Naples

Audible and visible from the banks of the Canal de l’Ourcq and areas adjoining the CN D
13:30 > 20:30 / duration 7 h
Open to all

Conception and performance
Cristian Chironi
Production Museo Madre – Museo d’Arte Contemporanea
Donnaregina, Naples
Performance created in 2012

 A man is suspended from the highest terrace at the Centre National de la Danse. Facing the city, in distended time, the Italian artist and performer Cristian Chironi creates an Eco, an echo. Cristian Chironi’s echo personifies the relationship to sound and space, and invents new stories, forging an intense and sensitive poetic bond. Staying for seven hours, with a book under his arm, legs dangling, at the top of the gray building, overlooking Pantin, with Paris in the distance, Cristian Chironi will create an echo at regular intervals . . . a cry in the city, like the cry of a shepherd walking through the valleys, forming a thread leading to the imagination and to poetry. Turned toward Rabat, the artist addresses his symbolic cry to the Morocco of Bouchra Ouizguen, who is sharing this opening weekend with him. Like an urban climber, a pioneer of new resources, perched up high, Cristian Chironi embraces time and space, projecting his cry, finding an echo on the facades of the surrounding buildings, acoustically inventing a new form of communion, an ephemeral sound world that is playful and enigmatic.