Lungotevere Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome 

Lungotevere Castel Sant’Angelo, Rome          Opening: Friday May 25th 2018, 08:30 pm – midnight
On Friday May 25th at 8.30 pm, artQ13 inaugurates Transponder, an exhibition project conceived by Carlo Caloro and produced by artQ13, Rome. Set up on the quay of Lungotevere Castello and on a boat docked at the same location, this exhibition project draws on the symbolic values of the river to address the current and ubiquitous problems of political identity, cultural divide and environmental precariousness.
Ever since antiquity, the meander of the Tiber river has infused with meaning the living history of Rome, as a component both distinct and inseparable from the civilization that surrounded it. A stretch of water included between two shores, the Tiber has always formed a contradictory link between the inhabitants of the city – as a factor of favour and menace; natural obstacle and common resource at the same time. Transponder aims to articulate this complex meaning of the notion of river in all its forms: the river seen as a natural phenomenon, a political border, an economic and socio-cultural channel, a transport route; as a metaphor in data streams, image streams; language flow, flow of time, life flow. A flow, a flux: in Transponder fifteen international artists elaborate on these aspects through process-related artwork in the form of sound installations, performances, projections, interviews, and documentation of utopic projects.
artQ13 is a not-for-profit initiative, an open space where ideas and projects play in an open dimension: a broad ground in ‘training’ and constant transformation. A device, a laboratory, a rehearsal room – for concepts and inventions – whose the identity is continuously remodeled by the activities of the participating artists.
Artists: Bettina Allamoda, Alessia Armeni, Thomas Baldischwyler, Carlo Caloro, Alessandra Cianetti, Granato, artisti§innocenti, Luana Lunetta, Federica Luzzi, Stefan Nestoroski, Lucia Palmero, Guendalina Salini, Alice Schivardi, Naoya Takahara, Martina-Sofie Wildberger.

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