LEONID TSVETKOV | The Materiality of the Invisible

25 Aug - 26 Nov 2017 | Maastricht

The Materiality of the Invisible approaches contemporary art as an activity that shares several characteristics of archaeology. Many artists probe the underlying layers of our social and political reality. They expose what is concealed and penetrate to other times. Like archaeologists, they make the invisible visible.

Van Eyck is a partner in the multi-year EU project NEARCH – New scenarios for a community-involved archaeology. For this project, the Van Eyck selected six international artists who each collaborated with two archaeological partners. The Materiality of the Invisible shows the results together with the work of 24 other artists. The exhibition is organized by the Van Eyck in collaboration with Marres, House for Contemporary Culture and Bureau Europa, platform for architecture and design and spreads out over the three locations.

The Materiality of the Invisible is accompanied by a parallel programme of lectures, presentations, and educational and other activities. Follow the current programme on the websites and social media of the Van Eyck, Marres and Bureau Europa.

Van Eyck and Bureau Europa: 30.08-29.10.2017
Marres: 30.08-26.11.2017