01.10.2018 > 02.11.2018 | Wimbledon Space, London

Curated by Karen David

Dominic Beattie, Juan Bolivar, Hannah Brown, Nicky Carvell, Rachael Champion, Karen David, Jon Emmony, Ludovica Gioscia, James Hopkins, Holly Stevenson, Karen Tang, David Ben White, Alice Wilson​

“The waiting room. I hate when they make you wait in the room. ‘Cause it says ‘Waiting Room’, there’s no chance of not waiting. ‘Cause they call it the waiting room, they’re gonna use it. They’ve got it. It’s all set up for you to wait. And you sit there, you know, and you’ve got your little magazine. You pretend you’re reading it, but you’re really looking at the other people. You know, you’re thinking about them. Things like, “I wonder what he’s got. As soon as she goes, I’m getting her magazine”.
Jerry Seinfeld, The Ex-Girlfriend (Season 2, Episode 1, 1991)

The Waiting Room responds to the psycho-geography of Wimbledon Space – the original 1930’s foyer of the College. The foyer acts as a transitory space, where one might make a stop before being directed elsewhere. A place to gather our thoughts before our appointment, a portal to a new beginning, a moment where we have nothing to do but wait.

Waiting rooms are familiar places with familiar objects that are often calming and aid to make us feel at ease; the seating, a table with magazines, plants, daytime programmes on TV, a painting, a clock, and information posters. This exhibition locates artists who make objects reminiscent of those found in these rooms and brings them together to create a sculptural-collage installation in an undefined third space.
Exhibition Dates:  1 October – 2 November
Opening Times: Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm
Drinks Reception: Thursday 4 October, 5 – 8pm