Margherita Moscardini, Istanbul City Hills at MAXXI Museum of Rome

From 10 Oct. 2015 | Rome

From October 10th 2015, the core of Margherita Morscardini’s Istanbul City Hills – On the Natural History of Dispersion and States of Aggregation, can be seen , inside the Art and Architecture permanent collection.

The project uses as paradigm the local system of glass waste disposal to talk about the recent urban transformation of Istanbul, the way it’s conditioned by local change of natural order and the way it’s lived by the social structure.

Istanbul City Hills –On the Natural History of Dispersion and States of Aggregation, has been developed by the artist during her long residence in Istanbul with AlbumArte.

It has been set up for the first time in September 2013, in occasion of the 13th Istanbul Biennial, at the Italian Institute Institute of Istanbul, with the curatorship of Maria Rosa Sossai for AlbumArte and the collaboration of Eugenio Crifò.

The project has been producted by AlbumArte, Rome, in collaboration with the Embassy of Italy in Turkey and the Italian Institute of Culture in Istanbul and also with the support of AGI Collection (Verona), Visioni Future (Potenza) and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Turkey.