MARGHERITA MOSCARDINI | The Best of the Best 2016/2017

September 18 | Gallery of Art, Temple University Rome

The Best of the Best: a selection of works from the major exhibitions in Roman galleries from 2016/2017

On Monday September 18, at 7:00pm, the  Gallery of Art, Temple University Rome, will open with the exhibition Il meglio del meglio. The show will run through Thursday October 5.

The idea for the show is a result of the visits with students of contemporary art at Temple University Rome to the shows in public and private spaces in Rome. These visits give students the opportunity to research, discuss and appreciate the Roman art scene. And from this, we thought to share our vision of the complex and stimulating art scene with a rich and varied display of works selected from the most interesting exhibitions installed in the prominent Roman galleries between Fall 2016 and Summer 2017.

The exhibition includes 18 private art galleries, who present one artist each, international and Italian, emerging and established, with varied styles and techniques.


The Galleries and the works in the show are:

The Gallery Apart – Oliver Ressler

Galleria Alessandra Bonomo – Alessandro Twombly

Galleria Valentina Bonomo – Caterina Silva

Frutta Gallery – Ditte Gantriis

T293 – Puppies Puppies

Monitor – Thomas Braida

Montoro12 Contemporary Art – Nicholas William Johnson

Galleria Lorcan O’Neill Roma – Gianni Politi

Galerie Emanuel Layr – Anna Sophie-Berger

Magazzino Roma – Alessandro Piangiamore

MAC Maja Arte Contemporanea – Aleksandar Dimitrijevic

Spazio Nuovo – Kenny Dunkan

Ex Elettrofonica – Margherita Moscardini

Z20 – Eugeny Antufiev

Galleria Anna Marra – Martine Gutierrez

Francesca Antonini Arte Contemporanea– Monica Carrocci

Studio Sales – Davide Monaldi

1/9unosunove arte contemporanea – Sergio Lombardo



Gallery of Art, Temple University Rome, Lungotevere Arnaldo da Brescia 15.

Opening: Monday September 18, 7:00pm

Closing: Thursday October 5, 2017