Godless is Cristian Chironi’s first solo exhibition in Rome. Moving instinctively throughout the fluid spatiality of the gallery, Chironi creates a panorama with its origin sin error and in the combination of opposites, forcing works created with different media to coexist, as is common in his artistic practice: sculpture, photography, video, performance, engraving, graphics and collage.

For this occasion, the artist has designed an installation apparently free fromall narration, in which the works, belonging to his past and present journey, are arranged informally. The inspiration for Godless came from the history of Elettrofonica, a company that had its warehouses in Vicolo Sant’Onofrio in the 1970s, whose origin was preceded by a dramatic family event. The result is a virtual journey, consisting of invisible connections, powered by unexpected correspondences of events that are related, though distant, referring to an imaginary other. Cristian Chironi writes: “The fact is that I could easily describe that story in images, by simply using my story. The events are different but parallel.”