curated by Chiara Bertini

For four days, from the 5th of July till the 8th of July, Ex Elettrofonica will be transformed into a musical organism thanks to the sonic experiment Ex Elettrofonica I by Belgian electronic music duo ‘Husk Husk’.

Ex Elettrofonica I will ‘sonically excavate’ the gallery spaces. Each day, different recording and sound manipulation techniques will be used to feed an immersive, site-specific sound installation. And each evening, Husk Husk will perform live with this installation, using the new sound fragments collected during the day.

The installation is also a sonic invitation to renew one’s awareness of the way in which not only spaces shape sounds, but sounds also shape our perception of spaces and everything therein.

Or, in Husk Husk’s own words, “If you wouldn’t hear a thing while watching a piece of art, like, truly nothing, not even your blood rushing through your veins … you would probably ignore the art and freak out big time.”

Husk Husk creates contemporary electronic music based on intricate sampling, intense (melodic) polyrhythms, raw analogue sound synthesis, and the manipulation of acoustic instruments.
Husk Husk also frequently collaborates with contemporary dance artists such as Sung Im Her (UK/KR).

Husk Husk’s music has been performed, among others, at the Victoria & Albert Museum (London, UK), The Place (London, UK), KVS (Brussels, BE), the ARKO Arts Theater (Seoul, KR) and Platform-L (Seoul, KR).