Ex Elettrofonica is pleased to present the Twiner # 5 exhibition, La Joie de Vivre, hosted for its fifth edition in the lounges of the Corporate Hospitality of the International BNL of Italy, within the Foro Italico.
The title chosen for the 2017 edition is the Joie de Vivre, a famous French expression, often used by other languages ​​without the need for translation, it represents a moment of grace in which one feels understood and is often associated with an age of gold that resides in an elsewhere, far from the present ordinarily lived. Behind this title, in fact, lies the real subject that the exhibition wants to address, namely youth, whose qualities can be summarized in this famous French motto.

The five lounges of the Centrale del Tennis are ideally transformed into the five qualities that the history of philosophical thought attributes to Youth, starting with the famous text Il Principe where Niccolò Machiavelli, speaking of Valentino, names and defines them: Strength, Purity, Beauty, Boldness, Vitality. The exhibition aims to emphasize the projective image that the “adult world” tends to have on youth as an idyllic moment, discarding the difficulties that every age presents, revealing how this can translate into a dangerous deception. For this reason, the work that gives the exhibition its title is precisely La joie de vivre by Pablo Picasso: the artist painted it in October 1946 at the age of 65, when, by his direct admission, he was experiencing a new youth.

The connection with sport is evident because youth is one of the essential elements of the athlete’s image, and victory is the highest manifestation of the joy of living.



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