Ex Elettrofonica and secondome present the exhibit Twiner#6 – Liveliness, held in the Corporate Hospitality Lounge + LEA Lounge Extended Area of the BNL Italian Open, inside the Foro Italico.

The exhibit is a tribute to Liveliness. Times of crisis are excellent moments for creative minds. It’s precisely in these moments of emergency that liveliness, understood as an attitude of readiness of spirit and inventiveness, leads to dynamic and unexpected solutions.

The city of Rome in the post-war period provides an exemplary framework for enquiry concerning this idea: the ‘dolce vita’, full of leisure and recreation, sports and cultural events, was a compelling response to the desolation left by the war. In the city, the urgency of starting to live and enjoy life again could be felt. The restless frenzy of the city pleasantly surprised even the American journalist Janet Flanner, then the New Yorker’s correspondent to Paris. In her articles, she declared Rome more stimulating than Paris. Liveliness of thought sets events with beneficial effects in motion: events that can bring out the best of our time, leading us to find renewed faith in people and their potential. Artists and designers stimulate new interesting exchanges between critical reflection and creativity and, in the arts and in sport, the exuberance of talent becomes a decisive opportunity for change. This year, the usual exhibition space of the Tennis Centre is joined by the Lea space, where the exhibit’s itinerary continues.

Lea is a new space for hospitality, entertainment and food service for the 75th Edition of the BNL Italian Open.

A temporary space designed by Fabrizio Graziani, Interior Project curated by Claudia Pignatale | Secondome, Art Project cutated by Beatrice Bertini and Benedetta Acciari | Ex Elettrofonica. Graphic Design by Nero.

Lea is a multifunctional space, furnished with the best pieces by the best contemporary designers, that includes an italian starred restaurant with a strong innovative tone, a bistrot restaurant and a space dedicated to entertainment with a bar, lounge and live music, together with pool-side cocktail bar.

An evocative place where art, together with design, thanks to the iconic works by Stefano Minzi and Lorenzo Scotto di Luzio, recalls in a contemporary mood the extraordinary atmosphere it could be breathed in the postwar period, with a mix of style, elegance and functionality that made Rome become the liveliest city in Europe.

In the magnificent setting of the Foro Italico, the exhibit Liveliness aims to highlight the power of the liveliness of thought, celebrating the value of creativity in every human action.

ART: Marco Bernardi, Dionigi Mattia Gagliardi, Felice Levini, Stefano Minzi, Emanuele Napolitano, Lorenzo Pace, Claudia Peil, Gioacchino Pontrelli, Gregorio Samsa, Lorenzo Scotto di Luzio.

DESIGN: Archizoom Associati | Centrostudi Poltronova, Emu, Jacopo Foggini | Edra, Francesco Binfaré | Edra, F.lli Campana | Edra,  Masanori Umeda | Edra, Simone Fanciullacci & Antonio De Marco | Edizione Limitata, Forma&Cemento, F.lli Leveggi, Hillsideout, Millim Studio, Alessandro Zambelli, Lorenzo Bozzoli, Adriano Rachele | Slamp.