fotoLorenzo Palmieri

Agostino Iacurci | Dry Days, Tropical Nights

Largo Treves, 1 Milano

glo™ together with Agostino Iacurci presents “Dry Days, Tropical Nights.” A large installation in Largo Treves that invites the viewer to look at how our landscape could become and to build a better tomorrow all together.

Iacurci’s intervention takes off from the exterior façade of the imposing Largo Treves tower, – soon to be demolished – to its raw interior with bright colors, palm tree silhouettes and lights reminiscent of tropical sunsets.

Inspiring Augustine were two climatologists who envisioned what our peninsula might look like under current management of the Planet. What might await us are nothing but desert and tropical landscapes. Hence the work’s name, borrowed from two environmental indicators that report the severity of heat.

Iacurci signs in this way one of the stages of the traveling art project glo™ for art, created to support art and spread culture, encouraging a process of democratization of the artistic experience.

During the week it will be possible to enter for the first time the iconic palace designed by Arrighetti in the splendid Brera, the heart of Milan, to live an unforgettable experience and participate in a series of activities and meetings that will amplify its immersive character.