Anna Raimondo | Derrière la mer, 17m 01s, sound | OTO Sound Museum

5 Sept. - 27 October 2022

Derrière la mer is a sound composition by the artist Anna Raimondo, result of research that sees the texts of the Bible and the Koran meet on a common ground: the sea. The sound piece interweaves voices that compare different cultures, languages and geographies, suggesting how the two sacred texts have numerous shared references traceable in the vastness of the sea. Indeed, the sea becomes the lowest common denominator, synonymous with cultural contact and mutual reflection. Invited to imagine and move between different idioms, the listener is called upon to take the time to traverse the piece, in an intimate encounter with the sound that simultaneously embraces the sacred and the profane, beliefs and visions that belong to human beings regardless of any creed. Like a contemporary opera, Derrière la mer is accompanied by a ‘booklet’, accessible within the digital show on this platform. Performed by Edyta Jerząb and Jérôme Porsperger, written and composed by Anna Raimondo, the work can be listened to in the mere flow of its words, which recall both a historical geography and a geographical history – the Mediterranean – recognized on the basis of a meeting.
Derrière la mer is presented in collaboration with Casino Luxemburg and will be also part of the exhibition “Sound without music” (30.09 – 27.11.2022) curated by Anastasia Chaguidouline, who invited OTO SOUND MUSEUM and its collective Zaira Oram to contribute with a curatorial intervention.