22 June - 5 July | Sala O Buenos Aires

What if our symbolic and biologic vaginas express themselves?
What if we shy away from the dominant language to explore our complexities?
What if we meet in the resistance of the silence, in almost inaudible sounds and vibrations?
What if we provoke short-circuits in the way they represent us and we self-represent ourselves?
What if we flow within the infinitive paths of feminism?

Selected in the frame of the international residency at Centro Cultural Matienzo in Buenos Aires, Anna Raimondo proposes a series of new works engaged to her constant questioning of the identity construction. With irony and starting from her daily feminism, the artist is focusing in how listening is both impacted and could eventually be a tool to deconstruct the binary construction of gender, by creating new semantic and symbolic horizons beyond the language.

Thanks to: Club Cultural Matienzo, Wallonie Bruxelles International, Serena Vittorini, Fondo Metropolitano de las Artes, Playful Studio (Bruxelles, Be), Silvina Dalessandro, escuela de bellas artes El Yrurtia, Pablo Ziccarello and his students