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29.03.2019 > 31.03.2019 | HECTOLITRE, Rue de l'hectolitre, 3 Brussels
Since January, Célestine à Gallipoli has invited three artists to undertake a two-month stay in the Hectolitre space.
Primarily as a residency and then an exhibition, the project responds to the surrounding area of the Marrolles and the space itself. It presents itself as an ecosystem in movement, through several mediums, where artworks will reveal the common, fragile and ephemeral rhythms and trajectories that unite the neighbourhood of the Marolles. The project constructs itself through the multitude of animate and inanimate presences that cohabit this quarter of the city and the history of the building itself.
For the occasion three different artists have been invited: Simone Basani (IT/BE) in a curatorial duo with Alice Ciresola (IT/BE), Claude Cattelain (BE) and Anna Raimondo (IT/BE) who also invited for a special project the artist Lia Garcia (ME).

29 March – 31 March 2019
Rue de l’hectolitre, 3
1000 Brussels

OPENING: Friday 29th of March from 19:00 to 22:00
OPEN DAYS: Saturday 30 – Sunday 31 March, 3pm – 6pm

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