Casa Italia Collection is the new CONI format that celebrates the top-level sport of the Sports Federations in major international events.
On 7 February 2021 in Cortina d’Ampezzo inaugurates ‘Casa Italia Collection – FISI’, born from the collaboration between the Winter Sports Federation (FISI), CONI and Sport e Salute Spa, on the occasion of the Alpine Ski World Championships.
Entering ‘Casa Italia Collection – FISI’, set up in the spaces of the 5 Torri Restaurant in the center of Cortina, we find ourselves immersed in the style and warmth typical of our country, which has in Cortina one of the purest examples of beauty, but at the same time of an Italy that changes its dress without ever forgetting what makes it unique.
The ten “Italiette Pret’a Porter” by artist Marco Bernardi lead in this direction, which are the symbolic works of the ‘Casa Italia Collection – FISI’ project. Each piece is hand-sewn by the artist who has collected the fabrics over time. The peculiarity of the geographical shape of our nation is, like the made in Italy, unmistakable and immediately recognizable. Italy becomes the symbol of the unstoppable imagination of Italian making, of the capacity for change and positive and spontaneous contamination that leads our country to be an example in the world of uniqueness and multiplicity at the same time.
Six Hearts by Marco Bernardi are also on display, the same size as a human organ, wrapped in fabrics and furs. Here the theme is a precious monument to the heart, seat of life and feelings, a place of function and emotion.
In the room stands the neon of Massimo Uberti SPAZIO AMATO. A loved space is something different for each of us, but always a safe haven.
In the context of ‘Casa Italia Collection – FISI’ it underlines that wherever Casa Italia is in the world when you enter it you are at Home, in the sense of the place where you are welcomed. Furthermore, in this circumstance, the beloved space is Italy itself, where we find ourselves and where we come to support our athletes.
Finally, there is a large-sized work by Francesca Pasquali Iceberg, made up of transparent plastic straws, cut at different lengths and assembled on circular mirror-polished Plexiglas. In this context, the work is intended as a reference to the gold medals that inscribe blocks of ice.