DAVIDE D’ELIA | Objets toniques

6th March - 16th April 2020 | 17, rue de la Turbie - 98000 Principality of Monaco

Davide D’Elia
Valerio Nicolai
Leonardo Petrucci
Ramiro Quesada Pons


The journey starts with a face-to-face between Davide D’Elia and Leonardo Petrucci. The two Italian artists have lived symbiotically during their residence and today they dialogue in the first room with two great site-specific works.

Davide D’Elia presents “Sunserif” and the series of works “Fluo-tanti”. A Port Tonic placed like a sipario/horizon between visitors and the sea, extracted from the transparent dividing stripes taken from the Allufer Tempesta’s construction site and then treated and assembled, “Sunserif” scans the “regenerated” and “cooled” space of the gallery: D’Elia readapt the installation through his beloved anti-fouling paint. All around, following a chromatic scale from cool colours to hot ones, move on multiple levels the works achieved with acrylics on tartan or age damask: those fluorescent buoys named “Fluo-tanti”.



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98000 Monaco
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Opening: Thursday 5th March at 18 pm
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