ELENA MAZZI | a Collection

Opening 30 October at 21 | Turin

31.10 — 15.12.2019
Opening 30 October at 21:00
Barolo Palace, Turin
The first stage of a major project that interweaves the contemporary research of young but established artists on the Italian scene with the creative vision of new weaving techniques starts in Turin on 31 October. The project takes shape in 10+1 fascinating large contemporary tapestries made with extraordinary yarns obtained from the processing of recycled plastic. An operation to affirm how it is possible, with technological research and creativity, to combine attention to the environment with the production of works of art, creating, from a product considered “waste”, a contemporary object of high level, luxury as a work of art.
A COLLECTION is highly innovative both in its artistic form and in its practical implementation.
The project, curated by Chiara Casarin with tapestries made by Master weaver Giovanni Bonotto, sees the participation of ten invited artists: Giuseppe Abate, Thomas Braida, Nebojša Despotović, Manuel Felisi, Alberto La Tassa, Elena Mazzi, Ruben Montini, Giovanni Ozzola, Fabio Roncato, Giuseppe Stampone.
The first stage of A COLLECTION, conceived by Giovanni Bonotto and Chiara Casarin in 2018 and which sees its first public expression in Turin, is carried out in collaboration with Opera Barolo, which hosts the exhibition in the prestigious Baroque Palace, the headquarters of the institution located in the historic heart of Turin. From here it will start and be presented in the most important and prestigious venues of the international contemporary in a path that will develop in the coming years.
The project is the materialization of a simple assumption: the yarns obtained from the recycling of plastic, thanks to their infinite colors and materiality, can compose detailed and refined tapestries. The plastic, which comes mostly from the bottles that pollute the seas, is processed through a mechanical process of melting and spinning. The transformation of the so-called raw-second material is carried out in an ecological, sustainable and productive way and proceeds to the final stage where delicate handling systems allow to obtain yarns that perfectly simulate those of natural origin, indeed, their characteristics are further enhanced.

The thickness, the texture, the volume can be different depending on the processing and become perfect elements for any type of use, including, above all, the creative one.
This process, which has required years of study, is now put at the service of contemporary artistic production and is configured as a new language for the creation of new works of art.
The exhibition of A COLLECTION in Turin will last until December 15; alongside it, an intense public program created thanks to the involvement of local cultural institutions will focus on the themes that revolve around the exhibition: art, sustainability, circular economy and innovation.