ELENA MAZZI and SARA TIRELLI | 16Q | A Fragmented World Live

10 Dec. 2016 at 9:30 pm - 10:30 pm | Rome
A Fragmented World Live
audio-video performance with the musician Giuseppe Cordaro, 20 '

Palazzo delle Esposizioni,ROTONDA, 21:30 h and 22:30 / , 

A Fragmented World Live is an anticipation of the homonymous installation A Fragmented World of Elena Mazzi and Sara Tirelli, which will be on display from 13 December to 8 January in the exhibition The State of Things, curated by Marta Papini.
The live, starting from audio and video recordings made at the summit craters of Etna, is a audio / video performance in which the ancestral sounds of the volcano are manipulated in real time by analog and digital tools. The collected material is dealt fondendoinsieme two different approaches: the first is the idea of a music whose outcome is not expected, undetermined, as is the nature of the volcano; the second is the formal organization of sound structures that use internal dilation via a software for serial handling of audio samples, so you never get reps, but “319 million variations.” The evocative images of the volcano that accompany the live was derived from shot excluded during the creative process that led to the installation A Fragmented World.