ELENA MAZZI | Libere tutte

From 26 november 2019 to 16 febbruary 2020 | Casa Testori, Novate Milanese

Renata Boero, Linda Carrara, Elisabetta Di Sopra, Silvia Giambrone, Debora Hirsch, Iva Lulashi, Lalla Lussu, Elena Mazzi, Beatrice Meoni, Maria Morganti, Isabella Pers, Nazzarena Poli Maramotti, Michela Pomaro, Laura Pugno, Chris Rocchegiani, Giorgia Severi, Marta Spagnoli, Esther Stocker, Sara Tirelli, Lucia Veronesi, Serena Vestrucci

Libere tutte
by Daniele Capra and Giuseppe Frangi
Testori House, Novate Milanese
Vernissage Saturday 23 November at 17:00
From 26 November 2019 to 16 February 2020

Casa Testori is pleased to present Libere tutte, an exhibition project curated by Daniele Capra and Giuseppe Frangi. On display 21 of the most significant artists active in our country, present with over sixty works – ranging from painting to sculpture, from video to installation. The exhibition, housed in the rooms of the house that was the home of Giovanni Testori, ideally continues the steps of the project Graffiare il presente, which last year took stock of the situation on painting research conducted in Italy.

Libere tutti starts from the idea of grasping the work carried out by the artists, momentarily archiving gender issues, trying instead to document the importance and overwhelming force of the research conducted by the artists in Italy, a country still too much linked to rigid schematics and a condition of male / female asymmetry in social and economic relations. The title of the exhibition, inspired by one of the mottos of revolt of the protest of the seventies, explains the desire to talk about art and understand why the artists today are proving to have an extra gear. Libere Tutte is a questionable exhibition, open in its themes and media, anarchic and without easy answers, which could have been symmetrically entitled Liberi Tutti (Free All).

The project, in fact, aims to explore the complexity of the gaze that the artists have introduced into the horizon of artistic production, making it capable of courageous deviations from the most fashionable trends. Through their actions they have broadened the spectrum of artistic sensibility, also demonstrating an important experimental vocation. This confirms the situation that Lea Vergine was the first to have lucidly intuited, underlining how the works of the artists are “bold emblems of an articulated human condition, made with that non pietas that throws the concept of normality into the sea”.

Libere Tutte is not an exhibition of contemporary art from March 8, but a project that wants to take a picture of the phenomenon of the presence of artists in the art system of our country that is imposing itself for vitality, intensity and strength. The project aims to provide some of the most significant examples, over a very broad generational span, of the research conducted with respect to all forms of expression and the most diverse content.

Libere Tutte is housed in the twenty available rooms of Casa Testori, part of which is occupied by books from the large Art Library that once belonged to Giovanni Testori.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue, designed by CH RO MO.

Sponsor of the exhibition Natixis.

From 26 November 2019 to 16 February 2020
Testori House, Largo Angelo Testori 13
20026 Novate Milanese (Mi)

Tuesday – Friday: 10.00 – 13.00 | 14.00 – 18.00
Saturday and 2nd Sunday of the month: 14.30 – 19.30

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