10 June 2021 from 5:30 to 8:00pm | NUOVO CORVIALE, ROME

international project dedicated to new urban visions

• soundwalk meeting point at Lotto 1, leaving at 5:45pm. Followed by: •performance • installations • musical presentations at the Corviale Amphitheatre / Teatro Corviale

Latitudo Art Projects is pleased to present Terra mater, the 4th edition of the international project MagiC Carpets Italy, an idea from Benedetta Carpi De Resmini, co-financed by the Creative Europe Large Scale Programme. The event is scheduled for Thursday, 10 June, starting at 5:30pm in the Corviale neighbourhood of Rome.

This year, the artists Guendalina Salini (Rome) and Yaryna Shumska (Lviv, Ukraine) were invited by the organisers to interpret space and daily life in an urban area as complex as it is full of inspiration.

The results of the two artists’ work will be exhibited during the event Terra mater on 10 June, bringing the Serpentone to life with performances, installations, and musical presentations, spread over five stops of a soundwalk led by Guendalina Salini. The artist will provide the public with an audio track – created with the audio producer Marco Stefanelli, the violinist Giulia Anita Bari, and the saxophonist Federico Pascucci – and accompany them on an urban excursion, with stops brought to life by artists and musicians working at the Corviale, including Monica Melani, Mirko Ceccaroli and Filuccio Risoli, Matteo Fella and Fabrizio De Sibi.

At the end of the walk, visitors will gather at Teatro Corviale, a space designed as an urban amphitheatre, which will host a final performance created by Yaryna Shumska with a group of women from the neighbourhood. Soil and the sprouts of aromatic plants will feature in this performance, recalling themes of fertility and regeneration linked to the goddess Ceres, whose cult was practiced in antiquity where Municipio XI is today.

Fertility will also feature in an installation by the Spanish artist María Ángeles Vila Tortosa, created from works produced in workshops with neighbourhood residents, set up in the Amphitheatre.

In harmony with the spirit of MagiC Carpets, in the weeks preparing the project, the artists involved Corviale residents in several workshops, working together on the theme of “Mother Earth” with the idea of letting individual and collective creativity out. The residents who accepted the artists’ invitation actively collaborated, through an authentic process of co- creation, in the conception of all the activities in this edition.

Further indispensable collaboration, even more so in this edition, came from several other artists and associations, including Laboratorio di Città Corviale, Laborintus, and Mitreo Iside, all present and active in the neighbourhood, and CAP-Cities Art Projects, which actively collaborated in the project, starting from the workshops.

The entire MagiC Carpets project will culminate, in November 2021, with MagiC Carpets Landed, a large exhibition curated by Carpi De Resmini, bringing together the artists from the four editions of MagiC Carpets in Kaunas, Lithuania, the European Capital of Culture 2022.

MagiC Carpets was created in 2018 with the goal of boosting visibility of emerging artists throughout Europe, engaging a young audience and making them active participants, in the specific socio-cultural context of the city of Rome. This artistic exchange between European countries has also made it possible to introduce Italian art abroad.


Latitudo Art Projects promotes 360° culture, with an outlook pointed to the future and internationality, giving voice to young talents and encouraging them in their discovery of art, putting them into dialogue with the great masters of our past. Latitudo uses a creative, participatory and multidisciplinary approach to develop projects and experiences that are sustainable and feasible, in art, architecture and various other sectors. For each year of MagiC Carpets, Latitudo publishes a volume including two critical texts and interviews with the Italian artists invited by non-Italian partners for residence programmes. At the end of the four years, a box set containing all the exhibition publications from MagiC Carpets Italia exhibits will be presented.

Creative Europe Large Scale is a programme created by the European Commission to support the cultural and audio-visual sectors.

Latitudo’s partners for Magic Carpets are the Kaunas Biennial (Lithuania), head of the project and leading partner, and ZKU/KUNSTrePUBLIC (Germany), Folkestone Fringe (UK), New Theatre Institute of Latvia (Latvia), LAB 852 (Croatia), the Prague Biennale (Czech Republic), EVA International–Ireland’s Biennial (Ireland), META Cultural Foundation (Romania), Ideias Emergentes (Portugal), Novo Kulturno Naselje (Serbia), Openspace.Innsbruck (Austria), Jam Factory (Ukraine), Tbilisi Photo Festival (Georgia), Trempolino (France).


Guendalina Salini lives and works in Rome. After receiving a degree in Art History at La Sapienza University of Rome, she lived in London, where she completed her artistic training. In her work, Guendalina investigates human action in daily life, and individual and collective identity. She works with simple, fragile, ephemeral, natural, varied materials, consistently projecting her gaze beyond appearances. The artist focuses on the non-protagonists of the story, investigating the point where the story begins in search of potential new values, using installations, video, and performance.

During her MC#4 residence, Salini formed several educational-creative, sound, and drawing workshops, organised for and with the Corviale community. The Roman artist, with technicians and musicians, identified and selected the sounds that bring the neighbourhood to life and come together to form five audio tracks, an integral part of the soundwalk on 10 June.