MARCO RAPARELLI | Cinema, Cinema amore Mio!

Cineteca di Bologna, 29 January - 5 February 2024

The exhibition Cinema. Cinema amore mio! by Marco Raparelli, curated by Ex Elettrofonica, is conceived on the occasion of the 12th edition of ART CITY Bologna, the programme of events and initiatives promoted by the Municipality of Bologna in collaboration with BolognaFiere. On display are the original drawings of the animated illustrations used in Paolo Mereghetti’s Lezioni di cinema, the in-depth series on the seventh art produced by Rai Cultura and available on RaiPlay. The drawings recount all aspects of filmmaking – from the conception of the subject to the role of director and the other members of the crew, the audience, filming locations and fruition, and promotion – with clarity and lightning-fast synthesis. With his poetic and ironic stroke, Raparelli pays tribute to cinema as a cultural industry and collective work of art, which he has been looking at since his early years.
This occasion provides an opportunity to rethink so-called applied art not as a simple illustration of the product or performance of the work by the artist, but as a dialogue capable of producing further meaning, from the influences that cinema has had in the history of figurative art to the modification of the collective imagination.

Marco Raparelli is a visual artist, video maker and works with drawing, video and installation. His work, the subject of numerous exhibitions and publications, has its roots in black and white comic book illustrations. Using a very personal approach, he creates a communicative language that is effective in exploring different aspects of the world around him, thanks to his penetrating view of society. The figures in his works seem to be caught off guard, revealed in bizarre poses or in ordinary scenes of everyday life; this representation of the human is immediately recognisable and free of elitist exclusions, allowing everyone to identify with one of his subjects. Through a ruthless formal synthesis, the artist achieves an eloquent and universal illustration of humanity that, despite being in a constant state of change, will remain timeless in some ways.

Cineteca di Bologna, Biblioteca Renzo Renzi

Piazzetta Pier Paolo Pasolini 2b, Bologna

Orari di apertura ART CITY Bologna:

giovedì 1 febbraio h 12-18
venerdì 2 febbraio h 12-21
sabato 3 febbraio h 9.30-21

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martedì, mercoledì, giovedì, venerdì h 12-18

sabato h 9.30-15.30

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