21.01.2020-21.02.2020 | Piazza Galvani 4, Bologna


Margherita Moscardini

In the light of

Direzione Generale Banca of Bologna 21st January– 21st February2020

curated by Barbara Meneghel



In occasion of Arte Fiera 2020, beside the schedule of Palazzo De’ Toschi, the Direzione Generale di Banca di Bologna is going to propose a new space of work for an italian artist.

For this season the artist invited to show her work is Margherita Moscardini (1981) that is going to inaugurate the exposition In the light of on Tuesday 21st January at 6pm (free entrance).

The artist is going to show a one piece artwork with a clear public vocation: The Decline of the Nation State and the End of the Rights of Man is a neon installation that reports the 9th chapter of Hannah Arendt “The Origins of Totalitarianism” (1951).

The German philosophy is here describing the institution of Europe as the mind that condemned of statelessness thus creating millions of refugees that states still consider as exceptions instead of cornerstones.

Sharing Arendt’s thoughts has the aim of introducing the public to an age that has finally understood the necessity of a change. We have recognised the democracies we have built as a good to defend, but we aren’t able to renew them. If the city was a relevant reference could it bring a new idea of citizenship? Could it become a place where there wouldn’t be any sense in asking for hospitality or asylum?

This is the challenge Margherita Moscardini is taking in her work today. The installation, collocated in a significantly visible space from the street, is an edition of a work given for the first time to the city of Plovdiv in Bulgaria (2018). Margherita is here investigating the relation between different process of transformations (natural, urban, social and geographical). Her practice is all about the process and the project are meant to be carried during long times and wide scales with different medias, drawings, video, written works…


Margherita Moscardini has a degree at Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna and has joined the CSAV of Fondazione Antonio Ratti di Como with Yona Friedman. She has been research fellow 2015 of the Italian Academy for Advanced Studies of America, Columbia University, New York, USA. She has recently been invited as a mentor to do some lectures at MAXXI, Roma; Columbia University, New York; SVA e ISCP, New York; Triennale di Milano; NABA, Milano. During the past years her work has been shown at MAXXI, Roma; MMCA Changdong and SongEun ArtSpace, Seoul, Corea; Collezione Maramotti, Reggio Emilia; Fondazione Pastificio Cerere, Roma; IIC Istanbul and of  Bruxelles; MACRO, Roma; CCA, Plovdiv, Bulgaria; MAMbo, Bologna; Quadriennale e Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Roma; Palazzo Reale, Milano.





Margherita Moscardini

In the light of

21st January – 21st February 2020
Curated by Barbara Meneghel

Direzione Generale Banca di Bologna

Piazza Galvani 4, Bologna


Tuesday 21st January, ore 18.00




Featured image: Margherita Moscardini, In the light of The Decline of the Nation State and the End of the Rights of Man, Plovdiv, 2018.

Ph. Alessandra Poggianti and Katia Anguelova.21.01.2020-21.02.2020 | Piazza Galvani 4, Bologna