MARGHERITA MOSCARDINI | Una boccata d’arte

Corinaldo (AN), 26 June > 26 September 2021

The second edition of Una Boccata d’Arte kicks off on Saturday 26 June 2021, a contemporary art project widespread in all Italian regions which, from 26 June to 26 September 2021, promotes the encounter between contemporary art and historical and artistic beauty of most suggestive villages in Italy. Una Boccata d’Arte is a project of the Elpis Foundation, in collaboration with Galleria Continua, and with the participation of Threes Productions, which allows the artist the widest creative freedom and the use of any artistic media within thematic paths. that communicate convincingly with the villages. The twenty villages selected each year on the basis of the number of inhabitants not exceeding 5,000, in the presence of an active cultural fabric and the artisanal, commercial and receptive capacity of a family character, become the scene of twenty interventions in situ of contemporary art, carried out by emerging and established artists, invited by the Elpis Foundation and Galleria Continua.

Corinaldo is the village that will host the exhibition VIETATO AI TURISTI / NOT FOR TOURISM by the artist Margherita Moscardini. The inauguration will take place on Saturday 26 June at 6.00 pm at the Municipality of Corinaldo, Via del Corso, 9, 60013 Corinaldo (AN).

«CINERIBUS ORTA COMBUSTA REVIXI. Risen from the ashes, burned, I came back to life, says the ancient Latin motto of Corinaldo. TO LIVE WITHOUT BELONGING ». Margherita Moscardini for A Mouthful of Art 2021.