On November 13, 2021, LEA – LEAD EXCLUSIVE AREA opens at the Teatro dei Ragazzi in Turin for the Nitto ATP Finals.

LEA, Fit’s Hospitality format, is designed to welcome international guests from the ATP, the Italian Tennis Federation and Sport e Salute.

Turin is an austere and beautiful city, very quiet and with soft lighting, characteristics that make it fascinating and mysterious, so much so that it has earned the nickname of a magical city.

The project is enhanced right from the facade through three neon works by the artist Vittorio Corsini that belong to the project Come on give me a smile extraordinary message to re-establish hope in our present through a simple gesture such as a “smile”. The sculptural writing with neon light invites the viewer to interact directly with the work. The intimate and individual dimension of the handwriting is translated into a public dimension, highlighting the urgency of relationships between individuals. In this case the spellings in three different languages ​​(English, Russian, Italian) will be of the tennis players Stan Smith, Danil Medvedev and Matteo Berrettini.
In the entrance area the TOH by Nicola Russo, a fiberglass sculpture that presents the bull of the famous Turin fountains magically come out of its usual appearance.

At the entrance, another site-specific installation of 90 square meters on the floor by Vittorio Corsini welcomes us and immediately confronts us with the sensation of falling.

In the foyer of the theater there are two luminous sculptures by the artist Albert Hien that speak to us of the magic of light-color and language. The artist highlights the relationship with words in childhood, when everything is play and discovery and when the playful component invades the rational sphere, bringing our attention back to listening to primordial emotions.

In this space there are also three videos by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro entitled Stick your tongue out which increase the sense of unreality that the exhibition aims to suggest.

From the Foyer you enter the small theater which is transformed into a lounge. Marc Andrè Robinson‘s large suspended sculpture Right of Return (By Themselves and of Themselves) created by assembling chairs of different origins and nature, in a desire to transform the provisional and irrelevant into monumental. In this context, the work becomes emblematic of that little magic that art accomplishes by completely changing the meaning of the elements it uses.

Finally, in the hall of the large theater, the Cloud sculpture by Gabriele Picco is placed on the stage, a large fiberglass sculpture in the shape of a cloud is placed on the luggage rack of a vintage Fiat 500. This work, one of the artist’s most iconic, speaks of dreams, desires, imagination, in this context it is the magic carpet that takes us everywhere.