On Thursday, 15 December, starting at 6:00pm, the first solo show of the artist Iulia Ghiță at Ex Elettrofonica will be inaugurated.

Abstract life is a large-scale watercolour included in the exhibition that seeks to affix human feelings and forms of inner pain to an image: the instinct of affirmation, the pain of being too late, dark and vague nightmares, faithfulness, keeping secrets, sentimentality, dissimulation, native tenderness, intransigent stances, life’s crossroads, and great realizations. This work seeks out an image that can represent the independence of our private feelings from nature and history, and does so by drawing from the artist’s direct experience and from famous performances or film scenes where it is performed by actors.

The title chosen for the exhibit, Abstract life, is a singular concept that connects two terms that are only apparently antithetical; in fact, the artist creates a fluid space within which logical thought and perception are constantly challenged by the experience of life itself.

From this perspective, the visual details that Iulia Ghiță uses act as anchors for a narrative that doesn’t follow a plot, but above all reflects on the clear dichotomy between life and the feeling of life that dwells in each of us.


Iulia Ghiță was born in Oltenița, Romania in 1986. She graduated from the Bucharest University of Arts in 2008 and the Rome’s Accademia di Belle Arti in 2011. Her work has a strong installational character, even when she uses drawing and painting, as it does for photography and video. She is interested in the relationship/conflict/tension that arises between the limit of human scope and the attempt to give finite form to incomprehensible things. She explores hard-to-accept avenues of knowledge, such as dreams, revelations, premonitions, prophecies, and visions.

Recent solo exhibitions include: AlbumArte, 2021, Studio Giudecca 860, 2019, AlvianiArt Space, 2019. Collective shows: Museo Bilotti, 2021; Palazzo Martinengo Cesaresco, 2021; BEDS:Athens, 2021; Centrul de Interes, 2020; AlbumArte, 2019; Ex Elettrofonica, 2019; Acquario Romano, 2019; La Nube di Oort, 2019; Galleria Nazionale di Cosenza, 2019.