1. Ex Elettrofonica is proud to present, on Saturday, 26 October 2019, the second solo show featuring Marco Raparelli at the gallery, entitled Tutto quello che si muoveva intorno a noi era il vento (Everything That Moved Around Us Was the Wind).

Much like the man described by Balzac in Theory of Walking (1833), who sat at a cafe and observed the people walking by, Raparelli’s gaze rests on passers-by. He studies their gaits, notes their moods, quirks, delusions, to provide a description of society that is without judgement, but is implacable at the same time.

Seen through the artist’s drawings, the times we live in seem deformed, distorted, even irrational. Even the language he chooses is direct and raw: an English without a flag, globalised, bowed to the norms of chat and the web in general, which belongs to everyone and can be understood by everyone, although we can’t control it completely.

The work presented, which ranges from watercolour drawings to three-dimensional works, uses humour, tragedy, solitude and poetry, all as elements that coexist and constantly generate one another, ultimately raising a monument to a humanity that can no longer recognise itself as collective because it is no longer perceived by the individual as such.

Finally, this exhibit is a chance for us to announce the publication of the book Human is a State of Mind, from a collaboration between Ex Elettrofonica, Marco Raparelli and NERO, in bookshops November 2019.

Ph: Elisabeth Cataldo