SERGIO BREVIARIO | Corpi sul palco

14.12.19 | Teatro Linguaggicreativi, Milano

Sergio Breviario | Daniel Gonzàlez | Felice Levini | H.H. Lim | Ruben Montini | Giovanni Morbin | Elena Nemkova | Silvia Pastoricchio | Pawel und Pavel | Ilaria Piccardi | Giovanna Ricotta | Camilla Rocchi | Anna Ulivi | presenta Andrea Contin
14th and 15th  December 2019
Saturday from 2pm to 8.30pm 
Sunday from 3pm to 7.30pm 
Free offers for entry
Teatro Linguaggicreativi
Via Eugenio Villoresi, 26
20143 Milano


The protagonists of the two night are here overlapping the habitual expositive context and the academic dimension in order to exhibit in a symbolic space of the representation – the stage of the theatre. They are going to tell how the contemporary art uses the different languages of the body.

The artistic performance has a parrallel history but shares with the theatre the same origin. Or at least this can be said after Antonin Artaud has found an anthropological common root.

The artist-performer stages his action in different places of the stage, mostly searching for a site-specific collocation that wants to put the performance under a different light overlapping the stage and enterering the reality. Today the threshold between art and performance -dance included- is widely blurred and the minglings are positively inevitable.

Bringing the artistic performance to the theater stage, facing the fourth wall, is a way of enlarging and mixing two different type of spectators but also an action that brings new vitality  to a form of expression that, even today (as Vito Acconci said) has some difficulties in “staying in the centre”. A centre that maybe doesn’t exist, neither phisically nor socially, and so it needs to be decentralised.

The artists here presented belong to different generations and are using different linguistic attitudes: the two nights of CORPI SUL PALCO are meant to offer a wide and eterogenous vision of the world of performances in the visual arts, dealing in a different context but bringing new symbolic and psycological significance.

The performances you will see on stage are going to have a theatrical rhythm, and the curator-performer Andrea Contin will introduce the different actions creating a common thread.