July 15 - November 30, 2019 | Cúcuta - Colombia 


Together Apart will take place in the four emblematic buildings of the city destined for culture, Quinta Teresa Cultural Center, Casa Torre del Reloj Museum, Julio Pérez Ferrero Public Library and Norte de Santander y ciudad de Cúcuta Museum, how was on Together Apart on 2017, each venue will host an exhibition, conceived from a specific theme about the border and migration. Added to this is El Museo de la Memoria, which will host the temporary exhibition of Mental Border Control, also to the others points whit public interventions on street.

Some international artists invited on 2019 are: Giuliana Racco (CA), Dan Perjovschi (RO), Teresa Margolles (MX), Timea Oravecz (HU), Nuria Güell (ES), Jorge Garcia (ES), Boaventura de Sousa Santos (PT), Pablo Helguera (MX), among others.

Some of the regional authors participating in this edition are: Andrés Duplat (CO), Amparo Cárdenas (CO), Alexandra Morelli (CO), Carmen Ludene (VE), Adrián Preciado (VE), Richard Moncada (VE), Mauricio Sánchez (CO), Diana Villamizar (VE), among others.

The Together Apart 2019 audiovisual cycle expands its repertory, allowing new approaches from the audiovisual to borders and migration. Also to having space in the Eduardo Cote Lamus auditorium, the Audiovisual Cycle moves to the community through a special film program, whit a vehicle and a screen where short films will be screened, video art works and a feature film for all audiences.

The pedagogical program that includes lectures aimed at general and specialized audiences, which address specific issues of citizenship, community, migration, society and artistic representation and workshops with a theoretical-practical approach, according to the guidelines set out in Together Apart 2017, returns for this second version, incorporating the development on a round table, where some artists will participate, addressing data and figures of the recent Colombian-Venezuelan border reality.

One of the highlights of the Together Apart 2017 program was the process of research and in-situ artistic creation of the famed Mexican author Teresa Margolles. Together Apart in its second version (2019), highlights the artist, photographer and Argentine activist Marcelo Brodsky, who will develop a residence and produce a photographic series on the Colombian- Venezuelan border, applying his technique of manual intervention on his own photographs and on iconic images graduates of press agencies. At the same time, this second edition is committed to actions in the public space, with the return of the walkers intervention of the border, with a performance program.

In summary, Together Apart 2019 bets for the construction of an own and valuable narrative around the border and for the binational union as a tool of dialogue with the world.


curated by Alex Brahim

July 15 – November 30, 2019

Cúcuta – Colombia 

Together Apart within the framework of the BIENALSUR, 2. Biennial of South America 2019