Gabriele Picco + Federico Pietrella | Quadri come Luoghi

Cinque sedi fra Bergamo e Brescia, 24 - 29 settembre

From 24 September to 29 October, on the occasion of Bergamo Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023, Quadri come luoghi opens to the public, a special exhibition promoted by the association Pianura da Scoprire, curated by Davide Ferri, in collaboration with Barbara Meneghel and coordinated by Miral Rivalta.

The exhibition includes the work of about twenty artists and is structured in five spaces, different in history and characteristics and not usually used for art exhibitions, configuring an itinerary in some experiences of Italian painting. The project develops around the dialogue between the works and the specificity of the spaces in which they are exhibited and a series of suggestions underlying the idea of “painting as a place” or “painting as a place”. The idea of “painting as a place” refers to the capacity of the painting to expand its energetic space in order to reconfigure the place in which it is placed – thus there could be some installation works in the exhibition, where the paintings move away from the wall in order to establish a different relationship with the space; or, on the contrary, the idea of painting as a place refers to the capacity of the painting to place itself as a place in its own right, a space of representation that is organically autonomous; determined, as a separate entity, to resist the stresses of the place in which it is placed.

The exhibition takes place in five locations, mainly public and private historical residences and palaces and churches in as many towns in the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo.

-In Torre Pallavicina (BG) the exhibition venue is Palazzo Oldofredi Tadini Botti (together with the small chapel annexed to the property), a summer residence of the Sforza family built in the 16th century, with frescoed walls and wooden coffered and hulled ceilings;

-In Mornico al Serio (BG), the venue is a farmhouse dating back to the 14th century (Cascina Castello), a location also used by Ermanno Olmi for the filming of the film L’albero degli zoccoli;

-In the municipality of Calcio (BG), the exhibition takes place inside the Church of San Fermo owned by the municipality and attached to a cemetery, used for the first time as an exhibition space;

-In Capriolo (BS), the exhibition takes place in a recently restored 15th-century private palazzo; finally,

-In Ospitaletto (BS), the exhibition project occupies some spaces of Villa Presti, a historic building dating back to the 1920s.